Allergy is the extreme reaction of the body due to particular environmental or situational changes. Some people’s bodies are hyper sensitive to specific situations that cause reaction to the body, examples of such situations include cold places & cold drinks, dust, smoke, smell, fur and also some food products especially those that contain dairy products like, yeast and protein.

Symptoms & Diseases

Generally, the diseases that we are targeting here are those that have to do with the issue of air ways.
Human beings need a continued fresh air supply in the body through breathing in and out of the gas to and from the body from the atmosphere through the nostrils via the lungs and reverse of passing out the toxicated air through the same passage to the atmosphere to create space for another lasp of air in the body. This is a process that repeats itself in the body throughout the life. Allergies normally cause an interception to this process, interfering with the flow of the air that results to the paralyzation of the human lungs and
blocking of the air ways. Inhaled allergens cause congestion.

Different types of attacks will be noticed in different people. Some people experience total nose or chest blockage while others will experience both nostril and chest blockage happening simultaneously once exposed to allergens. This can occur at any time and place. An attack can be prompted when one walks towards smoke, smelly, filthy places or mites infested areas. Some allergies have high magnitude of attack; this will depend on the sharpness of the allergen. Things like tear gas commonly used during riots can cause one to faint and to some extent brings about death.

The victim feels irritation and itchiness on the eyes, nostril, mouth, ears and throat where one tends to scratch and brushes the body. Bronchitis patients do not experience these scratches. Wheezing is commonly observed on bronchitis and asthma cases when one is under attack. For asthma, bronchitis and sinusis cases, sneezing, coughing and high fever will be experienced when one comes across allergens.

In general, when human body defense immunity is malformed or destroyed, one would develop allergy complication similar to the ones noted above. It is important to note that human immunity develops right from birth to when one is fully grown say at the age of 14 years. If by any reason the immunity fails to develop as required, one can result being hypersensitive to allergens. At infancy, proper care and nursing are very vital in developing a strong immunity. Breastfeeding is vital in developing the immunity and should be done from birth to a minimum of2 Y. years to a maximum of 3 years. Equally, enough sleep and Immunization and vaccination during infancy e.g. polio should be carried out. In cases where the above fails to be observed at infancy, allergy complications are likely to occur.

Conventionally, all the allergic diseases e.g. asthma, bronchitis and sinus, tonsillitis, food and skin allergies remain to be chronic and have had no perfect remedies, management of the disease by antihistamine and steroid have been long in application with little or no permanent help.

a Nature formulation from nutrient concentrates drawn from herbal
and nutritional products that when administered to humans orally,
clears allergy diseases in a maximum period of 4 months. Having
been in the practice for over 4 years and attended 12,000 patients
using the same products and maintaining close range monitoring,
we now confirm that asthma, sinus and bronchitis are all
permanently curable in 4 months. This is done by perfecting the
underdeveloped immunity and reviving the weak ones to the proper
level of defense mechanism and advising on the best diets.