Halitosis / Oral Malodor or simply a smelling mouth makes many uncomfortable, people with this condition are never free to talk while close to others and if they did, others drift off.

If you are suffering from halitosis, do not ignore it as it could cost you a potential life partner or even a valued neighbor.

Causes & Treatment

During the digestion, the breakdown products of proteins in the body used for energy are exhaled through the lungs. Patients with this condition release ammonia gas through their mouths-this is the source of this pungent smell.
It is also aggravated by bacteria below gum line.

Because there is no fl ow of saliva during sleep, putrefaction (decomposition or rotting) of saliva and debris in the mouth can lead to bad breath in the morning, it worst for Amoeba patients.

Most dentists recommend the use of mouth wash to contain it. It is however worth noting that some of these chemicals interfere with gum, exposing the teeth in the process, in the end, they do not eliminate Halitosis.

We advise patient with this condition to seek prompt medical attention because Halitosis can at times be one of many symptoms of a serious underlying medical condition say Liver failure.

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