Libido Failure


Libido failure has seen many families and couples part ways in the society.
Conjugal right as sexual obligation among married couple is good for peace in the house; in fact we can call it a peace maker in the house. It is also through the same process that human beings procreate but Libido Failure has left many couples in shambles. The man cannot just function much as he wants.
But what may make a man to lose the urge to make love to his wife?

Causes & Treatment

Eating habits. When we eat unbalanced diet the addiction to the nyama chomas of this world, the body is deprived of key nutrients that play a key role in enhancing the sex life of both man and wife. Healthy eating is thus good for vitality. We boost appetite and semen production in Man as well as uptake of natural irons, vitamin C, zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6.

Because of drugs used by Diabetes patients disrupt glucose content in the body making it hard for the man to both have the urge of have the physical strength to copulate.
Similarly, patients of High blood pressure suffer high Libido failure because the disease interferes with sex hormones. Other diseases such as Ulcers and amoeba also affect an individual’s sex life.
What is sad however is that man and women who suffer Libido failure eventually develop depression/stress, there is nothing as hurting as finding oneself in a situation where your partner expects you to fulfill your conjugal duties and you fail to do so?

At Murugu Natural Herbal & Nutritional Clinic we got a cure and this is done in a record three days although for those with above highlighted diseases, we treat the conditions first.
Our aim is to boost the body to treat itself through proper nutrients and this we do using herbal medicines that have no side effects. We advise our clients to eat whole grains: simsim, Bananas and groundnuts which have vitamin A that boosts fertility hormones. Some western Communities and the Baganda people of Uganda have shown to have high Libido because of they eat
most of these foods.